Philosophy Seminars

This is a very new endeavor I’ve started together with my friend Janne. It’s in the early stages, we’ve done some pilot seminars and are exploring which route we want to go down further. Generally we’re interested in the intersection of thoughts and emotions, and how philosophy can help us to live happier lives.

This project is near and dear to me – I feel strongly that this is an area where I can make a meaningful contribution to the world. For now this project is offline and local, but this will change in the future.

Core Data

In 2015 I started writing a book about Core Data with Daniel Eggert under the umbrella. It’s currently available as early access version, with the final version coming later this summer. The book is focused around showing best practices by example, from simple persistency tasks to multithreading and syncing.


Scenery is a Mac App that makes it super easy to showcase your designs in beautiful product photography. As Deckset, Scenery is also a cooperation with Chris and A Color Bright.

Functional Programming in Swift

I co-authored this book about functional programming techniques with Apple’s new programming language Swift together with Chris Eidhof and Wouter Swierstra. It’s available since October 2013 as eBook and as paperback.


Deckset is a presentation app for the Mac that creates beautiful slides from simple markdown documents. It’s a co-production with Chris and A Color Bright and launched in April 2014. is an online magazine about best practices and advanced techniques for iOS and Mac developers. I co-founded in June 2013 together with Chris and Daniel. After two years and 24 issues we’ve decided to take a break from this format and focus more on long form writing.


I’ve regularly spoken on technical topics at iOS and Mac developer conferences. Check out my Speaker Deck page for a selection of talks.